Online mobile advertising to outperform desktop advertising in 2017

Online mobile advertising to outperform desktop advertising in 2017

Mobile devices are poised to outperform desktop and become the dominant advertising platform in 2017, a year before the previous forecast. As per a company’s forecasts, advertisers from all over the world will invest $99.5 billion on mobile internet advertising in the year 2017 as compared against $97 billion on desktop internet advertising. In the month of December, experts predicted that mobile advertising would surpass desktop in 2018 but with the high speed internet and the rapid development of the mobile ad market has brought the prediction forward by a whole year. Mobile advertising is indeed growing at a sweltering pace; it grew 95% in 2015, 47% in 2016 followed by predictions of 30% in both 2017 and the next year.

The shrinking pace of desktop internet

Advertising through desktops peaked at 2014 at $98.9 billion and then plummeted by 0.2% in 2015 to $98.6 billion as advertisers noticed a drastic shift in their budgets to mobile devices. Analysts now anticipate desktop advertising to diminish for the rest of the forecast period – by 0.9% in 2016, 0.5% in 2017 and 6% in 2018. Expenditure on desktop advertising will total to $92 billion in 2018 and it will account for 41% of internet advertising while mobile advertising will account for 59%.


Which country is driving the growth in mobile internet market?

It goes without mentioning that China is undoubtedly the dominant leader in mobile advertising market, established the development which is all set to spread throughout the world. Mobile advertising has already become one of the dominant forms of internet advertising and it will account for at least 60% of internet advertising expenses in China in 2017 and 80% by 2018, more than anywhere else in the whole world. Mobile advertising will account for 30% of the ad market in 2017, when it became ready to outperform television to become the largest single advertising medium and 50% in 2018. Analysts and experts predict that China will even outperform the US and become the largest mobile advertising market. While advertisers in China will spend $32 billion on mobile advertising, the US will spend $30 billion!

The United Kingdom is the second-highest advanced country in the mobile advertising market. Mobile advertising will account for 30% of total UK ad expenses in 2017 and in 2018 it will be 40%. Overall, it can be concluded that mobile advertising is still behind television ads and for the next few years, the scenario will remain the same. However by the end of 2018, we may expect mobile ad expenditure to sum up to $127.9 billion as compared to television’s $192.3 billion.

Brexit and its potential threat to growth of Europe

Very recently, the UK voted on whether or not they should stay in the EU or the European Union. Earlier in the same month, there were analysts who analysed the damage that a vote would lead on the entire UK ad market. Brexit or leaving the European Union would cost the country 70 million pounds in the growth of ad expenditure every year, which means a total amount of 1 billion pounds by 2030. Brexit would also add to consumer and business uncertainty throughout Europe, thereby creating a downfall risk in the total region.

Advertisers in China are leading the way in adapting to the constant rise of mobile technology, thanks to the advancement of the speed of internet. Mobile ads are already the most vital medium and it is nothing but a matter of time before the whole world catches up with this trend. All companies should take this as an alert to brace up their mobile advertising campaigns.

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